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Road to Country Stampede Win & Band Antics

Since True North has been behind on Blog posting, going to condense several events and updates into one post… here goes!

Road to the Country Stampede Contest

True North was voted the winner of the Road to the Country Stampede online challenge against David Oakleaf.  Voting was extended over this past weekend and True North’s fans really came through for the band! Initially, True North was behind in the polls, but came back to win a final spot to play at the Golden Eagle Casino this weekend.  Thank you to all who got behind True North and made this original Country band a winner.

True North’s show time at the Golden Eagle is Saturday, June 12, 8:10 PM.  We highly encourage all our fans to come out to the show.  Fan’s votes at the live “vote off” will count 10-times the online vote, so we hope to pack the place like crazy and make it one heck of a live show and event.   For our regional Kansas fans, half-page ads about the event will run this week in the Hiawatha World, Horton Headlight, Kansas Chief, Valley Falls Vindicator as well as press in the Kansas City Pitch Weekly, St. Joseph News Press and info bytes on KNZA Radio and 105.5 FM in St. Joseph.  Can you tell we are pumped about the possibility of playing on the Main Stage at the Country Stampede?  What an amazing opportunity to be one of two finalists!

Weekenders Bar & Grill, May 22

A fantastic local gig in Valley Falls, KS.  Weekender’s was packed with local, loyal True North followers and individuals out riding Harley’s who stopped in for a cold brewskie.  Gary’s comment about the evening was, “Playing at home is always enjoyable for me.  Several people came out who don’t often go to out of town gigs.  The people up here just appreciate a party and music of all types, if it’s played with some heart.  Weekender’s is having music two, sometimes three times a week.  How many ‘big city’ clubs are pulling that off?”

Katy Day’s Festival, May 28

As usual, with a long trip ahead of the band driving to a festival, the guys were in high spirits and the laughter began as soon as the last instrument was in the trailer and the truck headed south to Parsons, KS.  Somehow we got on the topic of celebrities and child stars we had met…considering the news of Gary Coleman’s passing.  Jan & Gary met Steve Erkel in Chicago and Jan, in typical fashion, kept trying to get him to say “Laura” several times…which he didn’t give her the pleasure of, bummer.  Several of the other band members had met famous musicians, celebrities or personalities along the way; I cannot recall who after a few weeks have passed.  Of course, new tunes are always a band topic, suggestions from the peanut gallery were “Get Away from my Wa Peddle”, “Would You Settle for a Midget,” and “I Still Miss My Ex-Wife, but My Aim is Improving.”  Ok, stop laughing, we are idiots!  Drove past Graceland Cemetery outside of Burlington, KS, purportedly the most haunted Cemetery in Kansas; too bad we didn’t have time to stop and visit with the ghosts, might have received new musical inspiration.

The Katy Days venue was amazing; can check photos out on Flickr.  The sound company was fantastic to work with and the Katy Days festival team kept the band hydrated with cold bottles of water while playing in the 90+ degree heat.  Overall, it was a beautiful evening, great crowd and fun venue to perform.  I hope True North will have the chance to play at Katy Days again in 2011.  These cats do a festival up right, food, music and all!

On the technology front, I moved True North to an Apple MobileMe email account in order to better manage social media and website traffic.  True North’s new email address is truenorthmusic{at}me.com, should you need to contact the band about a venue or performance opportunity.  I was struggling with missing emails or timely follow up on emails via Gmail; the separation of personal email and band business has been a positive step.  MobileMe has nice integration with iCal & Apple Mail, fairly seamless once the accounts are set up.  Now all the band’s alerts, opportunities and communication are in one place…brilliant!   I also added TweetDeck to the MacBook Pro arsenal, has been another great move for managing all our Tweets and Twitter traffic.  Hard to believe True North is approaching 500+ Tweets, who would have thought?

Hope to see all our fans out in full force at the Golden Eagle Casino this coming Saturday for the Road to the Country Stampede Play-OffTrue North is planning several innovative fan promotions this week for the Golden Eagle event, we hope fans stay tuned online via our website, FB & Twitter to find out promotional details.  Have a fantastic week, more news coming soon!  Don’t forget to VOTE! —Will Gladhart


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