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Wichita River Festival Fun

Now that True North is collectively trapped in the Sequoia this Wednesday, traveling to the Wichita River Festival, I have time to write and catch up on the True North WordPress Blog.   It has been a busy several weeks with conferences, meetings and networking madness.

Of course, the usual True North humor abounded talking about the state of country music; especially main stream radio with it’s music repetitiveness and overproduced studio shenanigans…same ‘ol Nashville polish and session musician sound.  If one takes a few hours out of the day and intently listens to mainstream Country radio broadcasts, it is painfully clear the “3 minute, 20 second length, insert particular instrument here for a few licks and pushing production over the Auto-Tuner & ProTools process” is alive, well and rampant throughout radio-play content.  There are a few artists in main stream who surprise or innovate; otherwise, listening can be painful.  It does get a little depressing, especially from an independent artists standpoint.

Do people not crave musical, lyrical diversity and interesting content? There is something to be said for writing to an audience and dumbing tunes to the level of “honky tonk badonkadonk.”  True North may dabble with different ideas for recording and pitching music, but the band is of the consensus we will continue building our own musical uniqueness, song repertoire and with a few modifications for pitching, keep producing the quality music our friends, family and fans have come to expect.   No selling out for this group of musician friends!

As usual, the band was up for creating completely insane, random and inappropriate titles for imaginary (or potential) tunes.  A few suggested titles went along the lines of “Unforgettable Ewe…A Tribute to Lost Farm Love,” “Got Lost in the Timber so I ‘ask’d a Tree”, inspiration from Justin Timberlake and use of Country Ebonics; and finally an 80’s inspired ditty, “Little Debbie’s Eye” a nod to the Little Debbie Brand icon, Debbie McKee, who turned 50 this year, and ironically lost her eye during childhood.   Ok, do not even ask me how we come up with this stuff, it happens when you get six creative-type guys in the band cruiser on the way to a gig.  I can’t share a few of the others because it seriously might offend our mothers (like that has stopped this group before)!

Onward and upward!  The next upcoming gig is Saturday, May 22 in Valley Falls, KS, Weekender’s Bar & Grill.  Should be a fun local gathering with lots of family, friends and fans.  More stories coming as True North travels to various summer festivals and events!  —Will Gladhart


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