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Startup Weekend KC2 Musings

Sunday, April 18, 2010 Startup Weekend Team Presentations and Groundbreaking Entrepreneurial Ideas

If you are an entrepreneur, online/ digital media technology person or social media persona and are not involved in KC Startup Weekend, make plans to attend the next Startup Weekend or procure an invite for Sunday’s final presentation event.  I was fortunate enough via a networking connection to be invited by Brooks Morgan and Adam Coomes, Infegy, to attend the weekend finale at the Garney Mansion overlooking Briarcliff Village in North Kansas City.   Talk about an night of groundbreaking ideas, new technology concepts…all based in innovative and sound business strategies.

I think most of the individuals in attendance were running on Coffee, Redbull or a healthy dose of beer/vodka, but after a hard working weekend with little sleep, each team delivered; professionally and with good humor to boot!

Click on the Startup Weekend Site for the Sunday Recap and Winners of the Event.  A live video feed is also available of each team presentation.

The big take away and impression I received as an individual intimate with the technologies, but on the fringe of the events was this:  The teams presenting had generated a wealth of well thought out ideas, media platforms and overall simplistic delivery of implementation of an original (or better built wheel) entrepreneurial concept.  As is the heart of Startup Weekend, each team presented a beautiful pairing of novel ideology with business planning, integrated marketing communication/ consumer delivery and a way to actually make the ideas viable in the business marketplace.

In addition to meeting amazing business individuals like Sarah Herbert, Curious Pixel, the StudentStop Team and a variety of others, I had a minute to speak with Marc Nager, Startup Weekend Director and organizer.  That guy has one heck of a fun job, despite much travel.  Marc is making a business impact and a space for entrepreneurial ideas to happen, worldwide.  Despite all the chaos and people needing his of attention, he took the time to speak, discuss Startup Weekend, the premise behind it and his role with the organization.  Keep up the fantastic work Marc.

Believe The Startup Digest will be posting an article about the events, so keep a look out for the article.  I will try to catch it and make a mention.

I thought of providing details about each presentation, but most have websites still up from the event and the video-cast is worth a watch, one can crunch details there.

1.  SpeakbackNow:  Audience empowerment for presentations, conference, etc.  Liked this idea, an integration of WebEx/ GoToMeeting for the physical realm.

2.  LikeATop:  Life’s busy, keep your wheels rolling smoothly…basically an automated maintenance log/ history for your vehicles.  We all have enough going on, great concept.

3.  Grubbin.It:  When you are looking to chow down on the couch, in front of the big game..and the restaurant the taste buds desire does not deliver!

4.  OneMorePoint:  Android software/ platform game…yes, a working model built in a weekend, these guys might have been the most sleep deprived.

5.  TheStudentStop:  Great idea, well thought out business plan, came prepared.  Sat with this team, they knew a few of my business contacts at KU SBDC and elsewhere.

6. Galileo:  Knowledge is Just a Click Away, news and Google links demystified.  Goal:  Eliminate news confusion.

7.  Medical Uploads:   Medical digital file sharing company and repository.

8.  Javajoin.com:  If you like coffee, this is your site!  Somewhat like a Foursquare and Gowalla for the over-caffeinated.

9.  HerdMap:  MOOOOVE over Facebook & Twitter, here comes the next social media GPS enabled application.  Pulls data from data based services, FB mobile, 4square, Gowalla.

Also picked up copies of The Thinking Bigger Magazine, Pipeline Innovator and KC Small Businesses.  Great resources for connecting and reading about exciting events and entrepreunerial happenings in the region and Kansas City.   More good ideas flowing and coming your way…maybe even a True North calendar application could be in the works, never know.  —Will Gladhart


One comment on “Startup Weekend KC2 Musings

  1. Informational, well written and a savvy perspective! Congrats. on the great blog!

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