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True North News & Country Stampede Contest

All I have to say is, WOW, glad the past week is over!  Between social events, Union Hill Condo Tour, a True North gig in Lawrence at Jazzhaus (believe Brian S. is going to share insight about for the blog) and the Startup Weekend closing presentations on Sunday evening at the Garney Mansion in Briarcliff Village, welcome to Monday Brain Mush.  Will be writing this evening about Startup Weekend in a separate posting, learned a few tidbits for use in my own Marketing/ Cyber PR arsenal as well as a few ideas for independent music artists.

The True North Jazzhaus show was awesome, a laid back evening.  With Spring events such as Prom, weddings and spring yard-work madness, the crowd was a touch lighter than usual.  That said, the lighter crowd changed the dynamic of the room, the band interacted more with the crowd, talked about the music and individual tunes, and many inappropriate jokes from Dr. McKnight, the usual.  A number of new faces, KU students and friends from KC were in attendance, even a few gents from Sweden, who are interning in KC for a few months.

Because really, we don't have enough equipment

Here is this week’s big True North NEWS.  True North has been selected to compete in Golden Eagle Casino & 94.5 Country Road to the Country Stampede online contest.  We were one of 16 Bands chosen from a pool of hundreds and if we win, the possibility to play the main stage at Country Stampede 2010.   I am not confident exactly how the contest is going to work, but we certainly encourage fans to participate, go online and listen to music and VOTETrue North’s “Playoff” is Wednesday, May 12, we will be sure to let all our Facebook Fans know and Twitter @TrueNorthMusic followers know that day!  The band bracket, contest rules and how to vote for your favorite band are at the 94.5 Country website.  Who knows what will happen, we might even win…do not forget to VOTE! –-Will Gladhart


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