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Musings from Cafe Acoustic Performance

Can I share how much True North enjoys the Café Acoustic and the great acoustic room the venue provides?  A special “Thank You” to Steve & Christina for being gracious owners/ hosts, seeing to patrons beverage needs and creating a wonderful music room atmosphere where musicians can intimately share their craft with fans and audience.  It was a packed house with new and familiar faces, family, friends and true original music lovers.

One take away element from last evening’s show for me was how music can inspire a moment, audience and truly connect people in a genuinely unique way.  As a musician, one can become wrapped up in the doing of the music, technical, sound or instrument issues or even what is happening on stage…forgetting to be in the music and what the music brings to others.  I only had to look up from the fiddle, into the stage lights and observe the reactions of the audience during Buy For You The Moon, Waiting for Angels and Make It Mean Something to know Gary’s music/ lyrics and the band’s musical arrangements had brought home a personal memory, experience or message to many in the audience.  I often forget, having played these particular tunes several hundred times, how moving each can be, particularly in the right musical setting.  So many of True North’s tunes are written from the heart, maybe if bringing inspiration, comfort or peace to even one fan in an evening through music; we have done our job as musicians and original artists.

Members of the band also met several interesting new fans whom were connected with the Moila Shrine organization in St. Joseph, as well as a gentlemen who is a golf pro/ plays golf with Garth Brooks and Vince Gill, he wanted a copy of the Dimestore Hemingway CD to pass along!  Who would have thought that connection was possible in little ol’ St. Joseph?  One never knows who will end up at a live music show, so I guess bringing the best performance a band can represent at each venue is critical.

Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera to this Café Acoustic show, so no new pictures for Flickr!  Hoping the Café or other fans will share photos with me for posting.  The band has a private, wedding reception event early April at Abe & Jake’s in Lawrence for longtime fan Rusy; promises to be an insane evening and party.  True North’s next performance destination is at the Jazzhaus, April 17, 9 PM.  Have a great Monday, sure there will be more interesting True North thoughts this week!  –Will Gladhart


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