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As I was contemplating what to write this week, it dawned on me, True North has rarely shared with our fans what in the world we do Wednesday evenings at band rehearsal!  Yes, the guys laugh a lot, joke, have a few brewskies, but the bulk of the band’s time is spent testing out new musical arrangements, rewriting songs, revisiting older materials and discussing the happenings of politics and the world of independent music…did I mention laughing and joking a lot?  The best part of this Wednesday evening was when we took a break to view several Scare Tactics YouTube videos…Rat Monster, Big Foot and UFO Abduction, rolling on the floor in hysterics!

Rick has been the man focusing on improving True North’s lighting for live shows.  The band invested in a new software platform, a DMXIS lighting control system, to run LED light trees and stage cams.  We will run the software off a MacBookPro; the DMXIS is a functional system and will enhance the quality of True North’s shows, both indoors and out.  We are running the DMX lighting cables from stage, through the snake to soundboard and integrating the software so Special K will be able to manage lights and lighting arrangements for tunes from the board versus utilizing a foot-switch system on stage.  The band also recently invested in several new LED light cams, which has dramatically improved the lighting quality on stage.

The band worked through several new tunes (old tunes if you are a Radney Foster fan), such as Texas in 1880, Revival, putting our own six-piece twist on the covers, then revisited an old spiritual, Will the Circle Be Unbroken for the show at Café Acoustic.  Also went over The Beautiful Kind, a new tune, which has recording/ Taxi possibilities.  The trick is to craft this tune to music industry standards and see what happens in submission for movie, TV, etc.  The guys recognize we need to get back on track recording for Taxi content now that we have our new iMac & Protools, but it has been nice to have a break from pushing so hard on music.  We also discussed Sawdust & Longneck, a great tune which we stowed for a bit because mid-tempo challenges and then moving forward with completing recordings for She Looks Good in White and Waiting for Angels.   Could this band have any more music to compose, arrange and record….Geesh.

True North is also working on a new website with Brad Byers, BraddaDesign.  The band reviewed a few website concepts on Wednesday…it is a process, getting what will work for the band online will take a little more time, but stay tuned. In the interim, ReverbNation is working awesomely.

On an unrelated note, if you missed this blog posting from BadLanguage about 40 essential online apps for freelancers and startups, you have a small business, definitely worth the read!  Also, if your organization or band is interested in getting on NPR or creating a publicity campaign online, friend Eric Myers had a great Tweet about Seven PR Secrets for Getting on Talk Radio as a Guest to Promote Your Business.  Have a wonderful weekend, True North looks forward to seeing you at the Café Acoustic in St. Joseph, MO!  –Will Gladhart


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