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Music Success in Nine Weeks, Week 9: An Overview of Traditional PR & Wrap Up

Cannot believe the Music Success Project is at completion, wrapping up Week 9 for True North!  Although the journey has been less than nine weeks (super overachiever), feel True North has gained a plethora of knowledge, learned many new trips/ tricks for connecting to current and new fans through the Music Success process.  If you have not picked up the book, invest in the online or print version; treat yourself or your band to a great read and new insights.

In Week 9, Ariel covers a myriad of information about Traditional PR formats:  8 Simple Steps for Formatting a Proper Press Release, Creating a Proper Physical/ Printed Press Kit, Getting the Word Out, Proper Follow Up, Other Marketing Elements and How to Post a Proper Press Kit on the band’s website.  Most of these are common sense PR practices, but if you or your band have not participated in the exercises from Week 9, this chapter is one of the most valuable in the Music Success book.

I am going to cheat on the final blog posting!  Instead of outlining the tips Ariel offers, I want to comment on a few main ideas I took away from the Music Success Project.

1.  Anything is possible if you are open to new and novel ideas

What I got from this experience was no matter how crazy, outlandish or seemingly ridiculous an idea is for your band, try it out, try it on and go with it.  Of course, good taste is always appreciated online and by fans, putting information out which is a positive reflection of the group is amazing, but thinking outside the box and challenging yourself to try new thinking is key.

2.  Forget everything you thought you knew about cyber marketing

As a marketer (with an MBA to back up my crazy ideas), pretty much anything goes online.  If you can create a new venue, format, live podcast, streaming show or approach for pitching your band to a targeted audience or demographic, go for it!  The time commitment is considerable, but the payoff, extremely rewarding and positive.

3.  Surround yourself with people and fans who share your band’s ideas and passion…self explanatory.

4.  Give up control, let fans input and suggestions guide your ideas about the band

This concept has been a struggle for me, one who likes to keep ideas consistent communication in “one voice.”  Maybe True North has missed valuable input not listening to as many fans as we could, fan input and suggestions about what they want from True North…hello survey!  Going to encourage our group to be more open to outside ideas and influences…whether we choose to use them or not.

5.  Get out there and Network like the band is your livelihood and primary business

6.  Do not be afraid to donate your time, talent or music to a great cause or give away free music

Giving something away for nothing, with no strings attached; comes back ten-fold down the road and builds lifelong fans and friends of your project.

Above all, have fun, enjoy the music you create, tell people your story, be passionate about what you do, be present, authentic and committed to every aspect of your communication and involvement with your band project.

I am looking forward to revisiting several of the ideas which were glanced over in the Music Success project, experimenting with how those ideas work for True North.  As I was attempting to figure out what I would write about next, realized I have a wealth of information to share revisiting other aspects of Music Success or life experiences about a venue or band show.  Definitely plan to have several of the other True North band members contribute guest blogging spots over the next few months to provide fresh perspectives and insight!   As with songwriting, blogging is like honing a finely skilled craft; takes practice, practice, practice and rewriting, rewriting, rewriting.  I look forward to continued Music Success for True North and sharing our strategies and band adventures.  Thanks for taking the time to participate in this journey with True North!  –Will Gladhart


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