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Music Success In Nine Weeks, Week 2

Original content posted at www.true-northmusic.tumblr.com

January 29, 2010

As I continue to blog about experiences regarding Music Success in Nine Weeks, I want to convey the content is my experience reading the text and what I took away.  Other True North band members may have varied opinions about the book content.  I am attempting to capture the ideology/ thoughts reflective of True North and the experiences working and playing with the True North guys for the past 4.5 years.   I cannot speak for six individuals, but I can create a consensus of ideas based on experiential knowledge and our group’s interaction.  Thankful True North has different opinions and perspectives; keeps the group creative, forward thinking and a lot of FUN!  —-Will Gladhart

Two books which helped me focus True North’s Pitch/ Who We Are ideas are The Ten Demandments (K. Mooney) and The New Rules of Marketing & PR (D. Scott).  Both texts are must reads in addition to Ariel’s commentary. 

Moving on to Chapter 2, Creating Your Perfect Pitch

Scenario #1 Ariel mentioned, the artist who did not list the music genre on his event flyer, absolutely resonated!  True North has seen many flyers of other artists making the exact same mistake; at one point, we were guilty of this huge PR faux pas too. 

Today, the message of “Who True North Is” is on business cards, flyers, promotional letters, PR packets, fan-cards, websites, social networking, etc.  If a fan or band member has trouble remembering what True North is about; the reminder is not far away! 

As a marketer by profession with a market focused group of musicians, branding and telling people who we are has been an adventure!  I cannot recall the number of weekend band trips to festivals True North discussed:  who we are, type of music we play, what is our target demographic/ audience, how do we reach the appropriate audience for our music, where do we play to showcase our music/ songwriting…the discussion went on for months!  One trip, coming back from a gig in Nebraska, after a few beverages and quite possibly being “slap happy,” the light went on, the guys started talking about the band in the same context and everyone was agreeing what exactly True North’s music is, who we are, how to reach a specific consumer, etc.  I do not know if the moment impacted the guys like it hit me, but I will not forget the exact moment the convergence of ideas and thoughts happened in the band! 

True North’s pitch would sound like:  “True North is a modern country, roots/ rock original music group.”  True North has its own unique sound, but one could equate the music to the stylings of Mark Cohn, Lyle Lovett, Josh Hiatt, Rascal Flats, Lady Antebellum, with a touch of Springsteen and Petty. 

The True North Bio which is short, simple and to the point, sums up the “who we are” statement.  Props to Gary McKnight for creating another brilliant piece of writing.  True North plays original modern country/roots rock, simply described by many converts as “real music.”  Lyrics that look at life with a backward glance and a forward prayer, music that pays homage to the band’s Midwestern roots, but also gives a nod to the rock artists they grew up listening to.  American music, you can call it that.


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